Monday, August 6, 2007

Embroidery Design Tips

In the site, the top 10 Embroidery designs are as follows:

1)Continuous Rose & Branch (sig10709)
by Cactus Punch

2)Bird and Deer Composite (AN0647)by Creative Design

3)Freestanding Lace-Star (AE0221)by Cornelia Dobner Creative Design

4)Violet (Hdfts14)by Anita Goodesign Incorporated

5)Oil Rig Scene (cc0197)by Country Designs

6)House Frame (EZ1069)by EZ Embroidery

7)Fighting Cock (B7N07)by Floriani

8)Tiger Face Outline, Smaller (MOG126)by Grand Slam Designs

9)Small black and white cow (F2325)by M&A Designs

10)Back-To-School Squares (Z03296)

If you are in the process of finding Embroidering Designs, be sure to look at

things I've made
SmartPatterns Inc.'s blog space - knitting patterns & designs